Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Easy Roasted Vegetables

The vegetables before they went into the oven

These vegetables go with everything and I probably make them at least once a week. My boyfriend loves these veggies and will eat an entire tray of them if I allow it. This is such a simple and healthy recipe - two qualities in recipes that I always enjoy seeing paired up.

Easy Roasted Vegetables
2 Summer Squash thickly sliced
2-3 Zucchini thickly sliced
Lowry’s Seasoning
Cracked pepper
Olive oil
Toss summer squash and zucchini with olive oil and seasoning to taste. Lay vegetables out in a single layer on a large cookie sheet (10x15) and bake at 430 for 20 minutes turning once (or until slightly crispy and browned on edges). 


  1. I LOVE zucchini! I would eat the whole tray too. Don't set a plate down in front of Larry and myself, there wouldn't be any left for you :D Thanks for sharing

  2. Ha, thanks for commenting. I didn't think I liked zucchini for years but then I tried it baked and it isn't all mushy (I am kinda texture sensitive) that way.